From Bride, To Bride

How beautiful is the gift of LOVE?

Four words, “Will you marry me?”. Those four words of stepping into a new season with your soon-to-be hubby or soon-to-be wifey is such an amazing experience. Butterflies in your tummy, tears running down your face, and love filling the air! Here are some photos from my engagement


From bride to bride, being engaged has been the most exciting season of my life. Everyday, my fiance and I get to learn more and more about each other. From dinner dates to home cooked meals, from adventures to catching up on our netflix shows, from laughter to tears, from  agreements to disagreements, and the list goes on! That is the beauty of love! In the end of everyday, him and I have the privilege to grow closer to one another, and to prepare for our next chapter of life, marriage!


After saying those three simple letters “YES”. Saying yes, is the beginning to your forever!

As a wedding planner and soon-to-be MRS. Here are THREE helpful tips to begin your journey on planning your dream wedding!

  1.  You’re engaged! Now what? Planning a wedding is beyond breathtaking and exciting! As I am beginning the planning process of my own wedding, my fiance and I headed over to a local coffee shop and jotted down some ideas of the vision we both share for the wedding (mostly my vision, lol).

    • We first discussed five topics: location, date/time, theme, color pallets, and preferred vendors. We also discussed what he wishes to see and what I wish to see for our wedding!

    • Also, can we talk about PINTEREST?! Pinterest, has been a huge life saver! You might have already started your wedding board even before the engagement (call me guilty) but I have been using Pinterest to get some ideas and how I would invision own wedding.

  2. Organization is KEY when planning a wedding! Let’s face it, life gets crazy at times. You may be working a fulltime job, finishing a semester in college, or life just gets beyond busy! Keeping all brochures, emails, phone numbers, contracts, pamphlets, and more in one place is a great way to keep your wedding organized. ​

    • My fiance and I created an email account where all wedding vendors are able to reach us at. This is a great way to keep all wedding related emails in one place. Use a planner to keep track of all future appointments, fittings, meetings, and more.

    • If you’re like me, I love organizing my planner with color and stickers! This helps me by planning out my week and making it fun! The more color and stickers, the more you’ll want to open up your beautiful planner to see what is coming up next in your week!

  3. Are you ready for more wedding planning fun tips? If you're like me, I love being organized with binders, planners, AND through my laptop. After you have created a binder for all wedding related materials and have chosen the perfect planner, one amazing tool that I have had the privilege of using as a wedding coordinator and a bride is an amazing planning platform called Aisle Planner! 

    • Aisle Planner has been the most helpful and game changing software that I absolutely love and recommend to all couples who are beginning their wedding planning process! This software allows me to collaborate with my clients, (my) selected wedding vendors, family and friends! These tools also include (but are not limited to!): Custom day-of timelines, Interactive budgeting tool, Payment scheduler & auto reminders, File manager, Guest list manager, Interactive seating chart tool, Design Studio and beyond! How amazing is that?!

    • My clients who book with me also have the opportunity to jump onto Aisle Planner! This tool has also helped me to become much more organized in every event and has inspired me to dream bigger for my wedding and beyond!

    • After booking my wedding venue and setting a date, I created my own project to organize my wedding! Below will give you a little glimpse of what Aisle Planner is all about! Stay tuned for an upcoming blog on Aisle Planner! (Note: project is still in progress) 

Leaving this blog on an encouraging note.. ALWAYS remember that your wedding day is a once in a life time opportunity for you and your significant other to enjoy. Have fun with the wedding planning process and never get discouraged! After all, this IS your dream wedding! Make it magical and make this a memory that you will never forget! 



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